• production diary // arla 'kærgården'

    We're back in Berlin! Back from a great four days shot for Arla Kaergarden together with our friends form Friend London and Wieden + Kennedy London. We enjoyed our time in Hamburg with a great crew, lots of butter and over 45 diffrent kinds of bread from all over Germany. Take a look at our collection of snapshots we took every now and then!


    we're still in love with our temporary office space!

    working on the perfect bread selection


    dinner time

    shooting board

    let's go

    bumpy bread

    creative catering - today candy fir tree

    foodstyling dealing with bread and butter

    fancy set badge

    light it up

    video village

    our little production village

    wall of fame in our production van

    green starters

    skill and flair for the right lighting effects