• production diary // robinson club


    Yoyoyo! Alsmost 2 weeks ago we went on produciton to the land of 1000 lakes. To shoot the new film for Robinson Club Fleesensee. We had a full blast shooting! Lovely nature, deliciuos food, awesome talents, divers locations. A wide variety of activities. From filming car to bike, shooting on a wide lake over beach volleyball to golf and working on some food porn with terrific chefs. Check out the snapshots from our latest trip. Enjoy!


    average breakfast for a production manager

    shooting car to bike

    and motor-bike of course

    the band behind the camera

    capturing some golf moments

    shooting bunker shots

    more golf

    canoe stunting on the lake

    the Becker dive

    on stage





    bow and...


    behind the scenes

    sandy times

    underwater shot



    time lapse time

    last evening shooting and taking it easy