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    24 years old and already part of skatebording's history. Dylan Rieder. Known and loved for his unique style and his 'cool as fuck' attitude. This portrait dosen't care that much about his skateboarding skills but focuses on his mentors and his character.  Perhaps this portrait even explains why everything Dylan touches turns to gold, whether in design, in fashion or just in skateboarding. 

    “At only 24, Dylan’s name is already well engraved in the history of skateboarding, thanks to his style, his personality and his incredible gift; that of skating fast and skating well. (…) After a rather tormented period, where he tasted the dark side of street life, and where he found himself literally catapulted to the front of the scene, Dylan got back up again,brushed himself off and with incredible maturity, imposed his own style, a style which quickly turned him into an icon for an entire generation of skateboarders.”