We offer our international clients a cost-effective solution that works both creatively and financially. Our work is first class, honest and hard. We understand the importance of your idea and we handle it with care. When we say service, we mean service.
Berlin has achieved a reputation for being a creative and vibrant hotspot. Film, music, arts, fashion and other creative fields have reshaped the city and is reflected in its vivid and multi ethnic mix of residents. Combined with its rich cultural and historical background you will find a broad variety of fresh locations from classic to modern, from subcultural backyards to futuristic office buildings. For your casting Berlin gives you a large and colorful range of high quality choices for very competitive rates. The general cost effectiveness compared to other European metropolises is unmatched.
But, hey it is not all about Berlin. The rest of Germany is nice too. Come and we will be happy to show you around!